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«Antalya Elite Stroy» Company is an international actively acting construction and real estate company in Turkey. We have been working in the property market since 2004, have clients from Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, other CIS countries and Europe, and since 2013 from Iran, Libya, Egypt, the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. During this time we have established ourselves as one of the most experienced and reliable companies of the Turkish Riviera.

Since the founding till the present day our company continues its dynamic and enthusiastic carrying out of the construction activities, focusing in particular on the construction of residential houses. Our goal is to establish a good reputation in the professional field of the construction sector.

Taking the principle of its activities "desire of the customer is our goal", our company continues to grow steadily and strengthen intercompany relationships through honest and correct cooperation and all the support of its employees, as well as improves their technical skills and qualification with each new project.

Our company constantly monitors technological progress in Europe and in the world, continues to carry out its activities and serve for the benefit of its customers, without departing from the corporation policy based on the principles of seriousness, honesty and high morals.

The main activity of «AntalyaEliteStroy» is a sale, lease of real estate in Turkey, both primary and secondary markets, as well as the construction of residential and commercial real estate and investing in these directions. Our company participates regularly in international real estate exhibitions, presenting the market of real estate in Turkey. Also, we present your brand in the popular press, dedicated to overseas property.

"Antalya Elite Stroy" Company offers:

  • Guaranteed Low Price;
  • Completely free familiarization tours;
  • Russian, English, Turkish and Arabic speaking consultant for selection of real estate in Turkey;
  • All necessary documents for the sale of real estate in Turkey on the Russian / English / Turkish / Arabic;
  • "Support" of the property buyer over the stage of his stay in Turkey;
  • Rental of real estate acquired by you with us;
  • Help in the organization of your business in Turkey (we will share a variety of interesting projects).