order the selection of the apartment

Our company, in addition to quality services for the selection of real estate, provides additional services, such as after-sales service. As we are well aware of the fact that for our customers it is very difficult to organize anything in a foreign country, we offer additional service for furniture, so no detail will be forgotten. You may not know where to buy, how to buy, if there are any alternative solutions in the selection and purchasing furniture, but our designers will help you to solve all these problems. Today, after a long time working productively with customers from different countries, we know that the most important thing is the smiling faces of our customers. And this is sufficient gratitude and encouragement for us.

Immediately after the conclusion of the contract, if you bought a ready-made real estate, you can furnish your home. At this point, our company can help you to furnish your home. It's pretty hard, but nice work. Several small shopping tours to furniture stores will be organized for you, so that you can see and choose which furniture you want for yourself. Despite what style you want: classic, modern, country, etc., you can be sure that together we will choose the most appropriate furniture to your needs, which in this case will not concede on the quality.

Tours to the furniture stores

When for the decision our clients need to see and touch the furniture, we offer them such service as a tour to the furniture stores that allows them to see it for themselves. In this case we choose the best shopping firms. You can begin to furnish your home!

In addition to choosing the ready-made furniture for our customers it is possible to book exclusive handmade furniture, which will fully meet your needs. In addition, we also provide assistance in the selection of curtains, textiles, carpets, etc.

With our help, your home will get individuality and will always make you happy!!!