order the selection of the apartment

Our company provides a service of free overview tour of Antalya real estate! This is a great opportunity to understand the features of the market of apartments in Turkey for a short time, both for beginners and for those who is a regular guest of this country.

Using the services of the free overview tour, you get an opportunity not only to see a great variety of apartments and complexes, but also learn a lot of useful information about the areas of Antalya, join in the daily rhythm of the natives.

Going to a guided tour you have such goals:

  • get acquainted with the area, choose a suitable area for you to stay
  • learn the main types of real estate in Turkey;
  • understand and select an area to live (whether it is the bustling centre of the city with million citizens Antalya, or a quiet residential area on the outskirts or detached villa, surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape);
  • elaborate a general scheme of the prices;
  • determine the budget of the purchase;
  • get detailed information about the process acquisition of real estate in Turkey get acquainted with the law, prepare the necessary documents.

The final phase of the tour is the selection of the property and conclusion of a contract.

Where to begin:

  1. Select the arrival date and purchase the tickets. At the airport of Antalya, our representative will meet you, take to the hotel or apartment (as desired), and he/she will show you Antalya and real estate at a convenient time for you.
  2. Define the budget. It would be great if at the beginning of the tour, you will know more or less what kind of property you want and how much funds you are ready to lay out on it.

We can carry out the overview tours for you at any convenient time of the year. Duration may vary according to your needs, but normally it is 3-4 days.

In the case of the acquisition of the property, you pay only the cost of the tickets, we provide hotel accommodation and transfers.

We are waiting for you!